V’asia Ladies Collagen – 13 SACHETS X 20ML




V’asia Ladies Collagen – 13 SACHETS X 20ML

Is your sex life boring? Are you having loose and smelling vagina? Are you having unwanted vagina discharge? Are you about to lose your husband or boy friend?

The Answer is here; V’Asia Ladies Collagen:
V’Asia Ladies Collagen is a mixture of 16 selected herbs that have the benefit of improving and maintaining inner energy and personal beauty. V’Asia Ladies Collagen affects up to 3 times better than other products.

It is made from natural ingredients such as lobata, mirifica, kacip fatimah, manjakani, root root, with habbatus sauda, ??honey, goji, pomegranate, raisins, gingko biloba, turmeric, mango puree and collagen.

-Get an attractive body shape
-Balance the hormone
-Eliminates vagina/pussy odour and bad smell
-Restore elasticity and size of the charming breast
-Bridging (tightens) the vagina as well as delaying the menopause process
-Improve blood circulation
-Smoothes menstruation more regularly
-Relieves women’s problems such as dysmenorrhea and -vaginal discharge
-Restore relationship intimacy
-Helps to nourish women’s reproductive system and enhances conception process.

How to Take:
Pour into the mouth and drink a glass of plain water or fruit juices.
Take 1 sachet daily before breakfast.

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