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SCARS AND HYPERPIGMENTATION – The skin is the largest organ of the human body. It is the protective shield for other organs of the body. Being the shield, it is also the most vulnerable to external attacks and inevitable incidents. The skin bears the harshness of the sun UV rays while also maintaining a healthy temperature for the other body organs to perform optimally.

As creatures that must be physically active for several reasons, we can’t completely avoid getting exposed to the UV rays of the sun or rule out the possibility of getting injured while carrying out our daily activities. By overexposing ourselves to sunlight (which is sometimes inevitable), we risk making those body parts without protection from the sun (the face, hands, and legs) get darker. These body parts get darker because the body produces melanin as a form of protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun.

While the production of melanin in the body is a natural protective mechanism, when it is overproduced in the body, it is called hyperpigmentation. The sun is not the only factor that can trigger the body to overproduce melanin (the pigment that gives our skins, hair and eyes their colour); other conditions like the ones mentioned below are equally capable of influencing melanin production in the body.

  • Scars from injury and inflammation: skin cuts, burns, bruises, dermatitis and aftermath of surgeries are all capable of evoking hyperpigmentation and making some parts of our body darker than the other parts.
  • Ageing: As we age, so does our body experience physiological changes. One of the signs of ageing is the emergence of dark spots (also known as Age spots) on our skin.
  • Change in hormonal level: This is particularly common among females. The female sex hormone sometimes stimulate the overproduction of melanin
  • Medication: Hyperpigmentation also occurs as a side effect to some drugs usage. Antibiotics, antimalarial, anti-seizure and chemotherapy drugs are all capable of evoking the overproduction of melanin.

From the above, we can easily deduce that hyperpigmentation is a bane to the possession of blemish-free skin. Its mere appearance on our skin also hurts our self-image as an individual. To the best of our knowledge, no one likes to be addressed as the individual with many dark spots or irregular skin tone.

How can we prevent hyperpigmentation and suppress melanin growth in our body without putting our body through unnecessary risks?

Well, one of the ways to avoid the overproduction of melanin in the body system is by completing avoiding sunlight (especially from 10:00 am till 4:00 pm). If we must be exposed to the sun, we should consider applying a sun protection product and wear protective skin clothes.

 In situations where hyperpigmentation is already visible on your skin, well, that shouldn’t be a reason to panic. There are established options for suppressing melanin growth, tackling dark spot caused by scars and preventing the reappearance of such spots on our body.

Below are the major methods that can be used to remove dark spots caused by hyperpigmentation or any of the causative factors:

  1. Cosmetic Solutions: There are skincare products produced for the sole purpose of removing these spots. The flaw of this method is that it takes longer before the effect is felt and it doesn’t necessarily suppress the overproduction of melanin in the body system. It only tries to remove dead skin cells and stimulate the growth of new ones.
  2. Laser Therapy: As the name suggests, laser therapy uses laser technology to remove spots from the skin. It is more precise and faster than cosmetic solutions and it is usually performed under the supervision of a dermatologist.
  3. Treatment with Pills: Aside from the aforementioned options, hyperpigmentation can also be treated with the use of pills. With the use of drugs containing tranexamic acids, PDRN and or glutathione in the right quantity, not only will you be eliminating the unwanted dark spots on your skin and regenerating new skin cells, but you will also be suppressing the growth of melanin in your body system.





After several years of research about the most effective way to be rid of hyperpigmentation and its attendant effect on our biological and psychological health, Nexus Pharma (a result-based innovation firm based in Seoul, Korea) has been able to discover just the right combination of elements necessary to curb the overproduction of melanin and eliminate its visibility from our skins. Aside from the fact that these drugs are made to pass through several quality assurance tests before they are distributed, these drugs are also tested and given the “OK” badge by several international regulatory agencies.

As the sole distributor of those drugs in Nigeria, we are the only firm that can give you these products at an unbeatable price. We also provide a detailed dosage after a careful examination of the severity of melanin overproduction in your system.

Will you like to

  • Have a skin that is void of blemishes without putting your body to unnecessary risks?
  • Learn more about the most suitable method you can adopt to have an even skin tone?
  • Learn about the best method to deal with epidermis diseases?

These questions and more are a few of the reasons why we started Angels lounge. At Angels lounge, we have some of the best and well-trained skincare specialist in Nigeria. The wealth of experience at our disposal has allowed us to diagnose the skin-related ailment and proffer immediate and lasting solutions.

For guidance and enquiry, contact us via any of the means contained on our contact page.

Beauty industry

The Changing Role of the Beauty Industry in Africa

With the advent of diverse beauty products, beauty is in the eyes of the Beholder is no longer a cliche. Beauty is in the eyes of all Beholders is the new cliche. The beauty industry is a growing industry worth billions of dollars.

Companies such as Balck Opal, L’Oreal, Revlon, Neutrogena, Ponds, MAC are competing to dominate the market, especially the African market. There were times when markups and skin products were limited to a few generic ingredients.

Now, companies are beginning to understand that skins vary, especially in Africa. Factors such as skin pigmentation, skin texture, skin tones, are all part of the consideration when creating new products or modifying existing ones for the African market.

The essence of this content is to highlight how the Beauty Industry has changed over the years. It is expected to guide new companies with keen eyes on Africa trying to penetrate the market.

The Beauty Industry in Africa

The beauty industry in Africa is expected to be worth £10 billion as Africa is the second most populous continent in the World. It is expected that the growth of the African population will hit 2.4 billion people by 2050.

The beauty industry is yet an untapped market as there are several segments such as cosmetics, hair care, perfumes and colognes, skincare, antiperspirant, oral hygiene, shaving products, luxury spas, etc. which have the numbers for growth.

The beauty industry is still growing with the burgeoning population growth. The largest market is South Africa, followed by Nigeria and Kenya. The predominant products in demand are the hair and body care products.

This is because of the African hair texture which requires samples, testing, and research. Africans from the west tend to have coarse and stronger hair while Africans from the East tend to have finer and soft hair texture. These require different products to match individual skins and colors.

The beauty industry is currently divided between local products and international products. The goal is to target the skin types of users. It is no surprise that L’Oreal changed its tagline from a beauty company to an “a tech beauty company” by introducing Artificial Intelligence to find the best skin products for its users. By so doing, they are recognizing the multifarious needs of the consumer market is in turn, is their greatest business opportunity.

Now, L’Oreal is out to dominate the market, can other competitors in the Africa market join the race for domination or fizzle out?

The Changing Role of the Beauty Industry in Africa

Technology has come to disrupt all sectors and industries in the world. Africa is not shy of the impact. There are several investors and venture capitalists looking to pour in resources in the African market.

The Beauty industry is not spared as newer technologies such as AI, Data Analytics and Machine Learning are introduced to help determine the skin type, skin tone, skin texture, hair texture, allergy, age, hair color, and sex of its users.

These technologies process the type of product to use simply by recording some data and facts such as age, gender, color, allergy, usage, etc. about its users.

The millennials are no longer interested in the traditional brands introduced to them by their parents, they are venturing out on their own to discover new and local companies that fit their body and hair type.

Also, the old days to go to a shop to buy or sample a product are gone. Now, the era of the internet and E-commerce is reigning. No one wants to walk into a shop when they can buy whatever they need online.

Angels Beauty Lounge, a leading beauty, and the cosmetic company is part of the companies dominating the beauty industry. It offers a wide range of products for all skin types and the best part is that all products are not localized to a geographical location or to a particular skin type too.

All products offered targets diverse skin and hair and are intended to appeal to millennials. Our online store can be accessed from anywhere in the world and each product purchased is delivered at the doorstep of our customer with ease.


On the choice of skincare products, Angel Beauty Lounge is the beauty lounge for skin products that are unique for all Continent weathers.

Although there are several solutions out there, your skin solutions are the best and are curated from rich organic and natural ingredients.

This sets us apart in the industry as your go-to-destination for skin products. After using our product, do share your testimony with us! Always remember that healthy skin is a perfect skin.

Identify Best and Effective

How to Identify Best and Effective Skin Solution for Nigerians

Identify Best and Effective Skin Solution For Nigerians

As the saying goes, beauty is in the eyes of its beholder and this has drawn people to use several products on their skin. The conception is that the skin is usually what everyone notices in a person.

Skin products have been in existence long before the 18th Century. Prior to the 21st century, skin products were made from alcohol, lemon, special leaves, etc. Now, skin products are made from thousands of solutions.

In all these solutions with several conforming ingredients, it is ideal for every individual to understand his or her skin type and decide which solution to use. The reason is that some toning solution which works on a blemish skin may not work on a matured skin.

Types of Skin

There are six (6) types of skins identified. They include:

Normal Skin

The Normal skin is characterized as a healthy, elastic, and smooth skin.

Dry Skin

The Dry skin is usually chapped, raw, tight, rough or flaky, and reacts quickly and usually itches when exposed to external influences.

Blemished Skin

The Blemished skin is usually large-pored with occasional spots and blackheads, shiny, and has genetic predispositions.

The Combination Skin

This type of skin is characterized by its name; a combination of two (2) types of skin such as normal or dry skin with oily or blemished skin. Hence, the cheek area may be normal or dry, while the chin, forehead, and nose commonly referred to as the T-zone may have small blemishes and oily shine. The T-zone usually develop impurities, thereby having more blackheads and spots.

The Sensitive Skin

This type of skin is often red, tight, and itchy. It is always sensitive to environmental influences such as UV light, heating systems, stress, etc.

The Mature Skin

This type of skin is defined by age. It is less elastic, produces lower collagen, has wrinkles, lines and pigment spots, and lacks moisture.

The Best and Effective Skin Solutions for Nigerians

Step One

  1. Start Your Day with a Facial Cleaner: After you must have identified your skin type, the next step is the cleansing of your face and skin generally. We will recommend either of these products like the facial cleanser: SHISEIDO Senka Perfect White Clay Face Wash or Mentholatum Botanic Whitening Foaming Wash.
    This step which is very important towards nurturing that desired healthy and glowing skin is to start your skin care routine with smooth and clean skin. How do you prepare the skin under this procedure?
    If you have long hair, long braid, wig or any form of long hair extension, tie your hair and pack it backward away from your face.
  2. Wash your face with clean lukewarm water (without soap): Apply a commensurate quantity of any of the face wash or cleanser selected from our website into your hands and apply to the face down to the neck.
  3. Massage until the skin substantially absorbs the cleanser: After about five to seven (5 – 7) minutes rinse your face with clean lukewarm water and dry with a clean towel. This is ideal for the removal of impurities.

Kindly note that with each skin type comes varying application method, such as:

  1. For dry skin, you do not need a Cleanser with high alcohol content.
  2. For oily or greasy skin, we highly recommend a foamy cleanser.
  3. For sensitive skin, avoid using cleansers with high alcohol content.
  4. Always repeat facial cleansing every night to rid your face of impurities and dirt that comes with the day.

Step Two

Moisturizer: While your skin is still damp or wet from washing and cleansing, apply a suitable moisturizer which can be selected from the range of products such as Hatomugi Skin Conditioner, Avon Skin So Soft Supreme Nourishment Hand & Body Lotion, etc. supplied by Angel Beauty Lounge irrespective of your skin type. For oily skin, kindly endeavor to use an oil-free moisturizer. This can be found in our stores.

Step Three

Use Sunscreen: Though recent moisturizers contain sunscreen, it is important to apply a separate sunscreen. The damaging effect of the sun on the skin can arise in less than 20 minutes of being under the sun without additional protection. You can apply or wear sunscreen every day and reapply every two to three hours even if it is not sunny

Step Four

Choice of Makeup: Your choice of makeup equally accounts for the condition and health of your skin. Makeups of nameless brands with lower quality are the major causes of wrinkles at an early age. Try out our Glutax 75g repairs skin for perfect and smoother skin.


On the choice of skin care products, Angel Beauty Lounge is the beauty lounge for skin products that are unique for Nigerian weathers.

Although there are several solutions out there, for Nigerians, your skin solutions are the best and are curated from rich organic and natural ingredients.

This sets us a par in the industry as your go-to-destination for skin products. After using our product, do share your testimony with us! Always remember that healthy skin is a perfect skin.

Identify Best and Effective Skin Solution For Nigerians

Onlin Cosmetics Shop


Angels Beauty Lounge has unveiled a world standard online cosmetics shop, a statement by the Marketing and Communications Director, Angels Beauty Lounge, John Nweze has disclosed.

We are pleased to inform you all that Angels Beauty Lounge in conjunction with Danjon Integrated Services (An international heavyweight in the cosmetics industry) has launched an online retail/business-to-business store which offers extensive arrays of organically-induced cosmetic products to Nigerians at an extremely affordable rate.

That Nigeria is a nation of people who are conscious of their overall appearance is an open secret which lots of cosmetic producers are familiar with. This is why the Nigerian market is filled with cosmetic products from more than a thousand cosmetic producers (small, medium, large scale, local and or foreign-based).

With an almost uncountable number of competitors, how do we differ? Well, we differ distinctly on two grounds (our products are made from the finest natural resources and they are also relatively affordable).

Not only are the raw materials used in the production of the listed cosmetics sourced from nature’s best resources, but we also make sure that the end products are well examined in our state of the art laboratory so as to make sure that no side effects whatsoever emanate from using any of our products.

With the depth of quality we provide, one might be tempted to assume that our cosmetics are expensive. On the contrary, our prices are way below that of our competitors since we source directly from the producers.

Be it body care products (adult and kids), health supplements or any other cosmetics produced to preserve or enhance your skin radiance, we are your one-stop-shop for it. Regardless of how sensitive your skin is, you can be assured of getting the right cosmetics at our online store.

Right from your fingertips, you can place an order for any cosmetics of choice in units or in large quantities. Contacting us (Angels Beauty Lounge) for any cosmetics of choice/needs also gives you the opportunity to speak with our skin care experts who are almost always available to offer professional advice on the best products for your skin and why it should be considered.

Visit our website at Angels Beauty Lounge for a variety of skin care products to choose from or call:+238-90-66-875-106 (Whatsapp only) for more enquiries.