Franch Whitening Cream 400ml




Franch Moisturizing & Whitening Hand and Body Cream is formulated using natural and herbal ingredients and Franch OIL NH*, which repairs, softens and moisturizes dry and damaged skin.

It is ideal for treating dry scaly skin while soothing and repairing other skin problems. It can be safely applied to the hands and the whole body. Daily use of Franch Moisturizing & Whitening Hand and Body Cream helps to keep your skin youthful as well as protecting it from external conditions such as harmful UV rays and environmental pollution.

Suitable for those with normal and dry skin. Key Features: *Moisturizes and Whitens Skin *Suitable for Dry Skin *Made from Natural and Herbal Extracts *Enriched with Franch Oil and Virgin Olive Oil *Also Enriched with Orange, Vitamin A and E.

Made in Malaysia

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