Uruhashi Collagen + Glutathione Whitening Supplement


ACNE? WRINKLES? DARK SPOTS AND ACNE MARKS? DARK SKIN? We have the solution to all your skin worries! The No.1 Skin Supplement in Japan is finally here in the Philippines! Uruhashi is the only supplement packed with concentrated 300 mg per tablet of combined Collagen, Glutathione, Hyaluronic Acid, and Vitamin C! 60 tablets per bottle.

Uruhashi is a collagen supplement that can make your skin whiter and more youthful. It also brings back elasticity & luster of the skin and avoids wrinkles. When you take in collagen the melanin pigment in your body which makes up the skin color lights faster which makes it effective on skin whitening. Collagen supports skin and fats. By taking in Uruhashi daily, it gives elasticity and makes up skin that will not lose gravity. When collagen decreases, the skin loses moisture and elasticity, which makes skin look older. Taking Uruhashi everyday will not only give you whiter and young looking skin but will aslo help improve eyestrain, stiff shoulders and low back pain, give moisture and gloss to hair and prevent from hair turning white. Packed with other healthy vitamins such as Glutathione, Hyaluronic Acid, And Vitamin C, Uruhashi is your best friend for an ageless beautiful skin!

Directions for use: Take two (2) tablets a day, preferably after breakfast or before bedtime. Can also be taken together with other glutathione supplements. For best results it is recommended to use Uruhashi for more than a month.



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