SANE NANG PLUS BREAST & BUST UP 1 Month Supply (60 Tabs)




SANE NANG PLUS Not only for the breast but also gives your skin brighter looks.

It helps you to adjusting and promoting your hormone and bigger breast size, your vagina will be more tightened, odor free, will feel fresh, young and sexy and enhanced youthful looking.

Health Benefits of Sane Nang Plus *100% made from herbs and plant roots **Increases/enhances size of breast and elasticity *Increases Bust Size and Gives you Beautiful Fit and Firm Breast *Gives you Whitening Aura, Younger Looks Anti-Aging. *Tightens Your Vagina. No Loosen with great Seduction of Younger Girl *Reduces Stomach Pain, Back Pain, Headache, Body pain during Menstruation Period. *Eliminates symptoms of unwanted vaginal discharge. *Eliminates excessive vagina itches and unpleasant odor/smell *Increases moisture on the body *Helps to glow skin and reduces skin wrinkles. *FDA approved. *Result could be seen within the first month of application *Recommended to be taken for 3 months nonstop

Dosage: Take 2 capsules once a day before bedtime, do not take with cold water

Made in Thailand by Yachan Herb

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