PSK Deep Sea Source Extraction Eye Gel/Cream 30ml


PSK Deep Sea Source Extraction Eye Gel/Cream 30ml

The moisturizing cream gives 24-hour skin moisturizing protection directly, comforts and revitalizes dry skin.

• Recover elasticity of the skin around eye area, regain radiant-eye look
• Soothe and brighten eye puffs and wrinkles, replenish your fascinating eyes.
• With soft and delicate texture that gives you relaxing and refreshing experience

✦Moist-24TM:Cogongrass extract which decreases the loss of moisture, having long-lasting moisturizing and hydrating effect.
✦Pentavitine:Tightly water-locking function and long-lasting moisture moderation
✦Chondrus Crispus extract (OLIGOGELINE®):Extracted from Brittany’s Oligogeline extract forms the second protective films to prevent moisture from losing.
✦Antileukine 6®:Featuring Golden seaweed’s strong absorption and moderation, it enhances the moisture level and repairing function after being exposed to sunlight.
✦Sea Mayweed:Soothe the coarse skin and repair damaged skin with Collagen.
✦Camellia Oil, Shea Butter, Cupuacu Butter:Include rich Vitamin E, deeply nourishing your skin.


  • Use with other products of Deep Sea Source Extraction series for the perfect look of your skin
  • Stop using product that causes an allergic reaction
  • Keep product container closed when not in use.

How to Use
• Use the moisturizing eye cream every morning and night after a facial wash.
• Draw an appropriate amount of the moisturizing eye cream and apply it evenly on the eye area.
• Give gentle massage until it absorbed completely.

Made in Taiwan



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