Nana’s Wonderland Éclat Marine Collagen Peptide


Nana’s Wonderland Éclat Marine Collagen Peptide

Safeguards beauty, nourishes the body, and sustains the healthy vitality.
Éclat Marine Collagen Peptide’s 7 carefully selected main ingredients includes 100% pure collagen from the Deepsea Alaska Cod, all natural Acerola extract which is rich in vitamin C, Salmon ovary peptide, Perilla seed extract, Sakura extract, Rooster comb extract and Rice germ extract. From the processing of natural ingredients to powder, Nana’s Wonderland éclat Marine Collagen Peptide is 100% made in Japan and is certified safe. This high quality collagen peptide, is specially made for anti-allergy, anti-aging, nourishing and whitening of the skin.

* 100% Natural! No chemical additives
* Extracted from Alaskan Deep Sea Cod
* Low Molecular Weight Marine Collagen Peptide
* Luxury Seven Ingredients
* 100% made in Japan
* Certified to be Safe

The Reference daily in-take: a stick
It can be taken before meal or added into all sorts of beverage or cold/warm water.

Collagen peptide extract from Alaskan Cod, Patented Salmon ovary peptide (SOP), Patented Perilla seed extract, Patented Sakura extract (containing Sakura polyphenol), Acerola extract (containing natural Vitamin C), Rice germ extract (containing Ceramide), Rooster comb extract (containing Hyaluronic acid)

Please note that this below ingredient is for Nana’s Wonderland Marine collagen

Collagen peptide extract from Alaska Cod Rice, Germ Extract (containing Ceramide), Rooster Comb Extract (containing, Hyaluronic acid)



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