KStimes Herbal Extract Whitening Body Lotion


KStimes Herbal Extract Whitening Body Lotion

  • This is the herbal formula without side effect. It has natural ingredients like rose, goat milk, cocoa, Arbutin, Vitamin C, etc
  • The effective formula for all skin, especially for black and dark skin people, like African and Indian skin
  • Fast effect, it will get the effect in as soon as 14 days. Generally speaking, the skin will turn glowing after 14 days, and the melanin will reduce little by little
  • Deeply moisturizes the skin, avoiding the gooseflesh skin
  • Whole body using, like underarm, elbow, body, foot, hand, etc.

Herbal formula with the natural extract like, aloe vera, lemon, lavender, rose, etc. It will works for black and dark skin people, like Indian and African people. It has no hydroquinone in it, without side effect, 100% Safe.

Whole body whitening
It is for the whole body, like underarm, leg, elbow, knee, hand, foot, etc.

The cream is non-sticky, it could be easy for absorbed by the skin, even in Africa very hot and wet weather.

Fast visible whitening effect:
With the ingredients like Vitamin C, kojic acid, etc, which well works for skin whitening, lightening and brightening. It could remove the spots on the body, glow the skin and make the skin in brightening good condition

KStimes herbal extract whitening body lotion

Aloe vera, lavender, Lemon and rose for option

Vitamin C, Kojic Acid, and herbal extract like aloe vera, etc

body skin whitening and lightening for black and dark skin

Net Content:
300ml each bottle



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