KStimes Glutathione Papaya Body Whitening Cream – 500ml


KStimes Glutathione Papaya Body Whitening Cream

Black dark skin whitening body cream + Glutathione and Papaya Extract + Visible effect
This whitening cream’ formulations use a combination of natural active ingredients, including glutathione, papapa extract, Vitamin C, Licorice and Mulberry extract. All these active ingredients are proven to work together to even skin tone, by reducing the appearance of dark spots, sun damage and dark circles. Skin looks brighter, more radiant and even in tone.

Big jar 500ml
Big jar, it has 500ml each jar. Cheap price with good quality. Great competitive advantage for you and your family.

Glutathione + Papaya Extract
Herbal formula for skin whitening and lightening. None sticky, well absorption by skin, even in some wet and hot weather, like Africa.

Whole Body Whitening
For Body, Back, Hip, leg, arm, underarm, elbow, etc



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