Glutax 20000GR : Sirna Voluntary White (IV) Injection





Glutax 20000GR : Sirna Voluntary White (IV) Injection

Benefits Whiter and glowing skin. Makes skin more taut and elastic. Reduces dark spots. Slowdown aging process Prevents/minimize acne Regenerate skin cells Improves collagen retention in the body.

Recommended Dosage;
IV push. Once every 3 days, first 10 sets. Reduce the dosage to 1 injection every week for maintenance. 10 VIALS siRNA glutathione 20000g siRNA EGF 4000mg siRNA coenzyme Q10 800mg 10 AMPULES siRNA recombined stemcell 500mg 10 AMPULES siRNA white elements 2000mg siRNA multivitamin 20000mg siRNA natural collagen 5000mg siRNA selenio 1000mg IV Set: 10 Syringes 10 Butterfly 10 Sterile Water 5ml

Glutax 20000GR : Sirna Voluntary White (IV) Injection PRECAUTIONS: For professional use only. Do not use this therapy during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Place of Origin: Italy

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