Glutax 1800000GS Limited Edition Summer-Autumn Ultra Protection





Glutax 1800000GS Limited Edition Summer-Autumn Ultra Protection

BENEFITS of Glutax 1800000GS:
– Makes skin healthy, smoother, and white!
– Boost energy
– Reduces pigmentation & freckles
– Makes skin fair and firm
– Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
– Reduces age spot
– Improve brightness & radiance of the skin
– Improves skin tone imbalance
– Promotes skin firmness & elasticity

– Mirna multivitaminico 15000mg
– Mirna collagene naturale 8000mg
– Mirna selenio 3300mg
– Mirna white elements 2500mg
– e ~ uf vitamin c 18.0gm
– e ~ uf collagen 18.0gm
– Fgf pdrn dna 1.8g
– Mirna recombined stem cell 755mg
– Grape Stem Cell
– Apple Stem Cell
– Fruit Stem Cell
– Rose Placenta Extract
– Mirna oxygenox Q-10 920mg
– Mirna glutokines 1800000g (mirna rna gsh + energy active cytokines)
– Mirna acido alfa lipoico 2300mg
– Mirna epidermal growth factor 5000mg
– Mirna acido cogico 2400mg

4 Sets/Box (8 Vials + 12 Amp)

Not Suitable For:
-Breast feeder.
-Injection on women period.
-Allergy to vitamin (any kind).
-Pregnant woman
-Patient with cardiovascular problem

Place of Origin: Italy

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