Esenseu White Skin Brightening System Injection (Pink)





Esenseu White Skin Brightening System.

Main benefit of our product:

1. Skin brightening and whitening.

2. Enhance immunity, anti-radiation.

3. Detoxification, protect the liver, anti-allergy.

4. Increase eyesight and prevent eye disease.

5. Anti- Aging.

Why Ginseng?

1. Strengthens the Immune and Nervous Systems.

2. Prevents tissue and organ prolapse and improves blood circulation.

3. Reduce Wrinkles.

4. Antioxidant effects.

5. Refining and rehydrating the skin.

6. Treatment of dark circles and skin diseases.

7. Purifies the blood of toxins. 8. Mental clarity and focus. Composition: Vial Ginseng Glutathione Extract – 3000mg Alpha Lipoic Acid – 500mg Solvent Collagen Extract – 300mg L’acido Ascorbic – 1500mg Vitamin E – 250mg

Esenseu White Skin Brightening System Injection Method: This product is administered by intravenously (IV) or intramuscular (IM)

Not Suitable For: *Breastfeeder *During women period. *Allergy to vitamin (any kind). *Pregnant woman *Patient with cardiovascular problem

Origin: Korea

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