Dr. Select Zennie Placenta in whitening Milky lotion 500ml


Dr. Select Zennie placenta in whitening Milky lotion 500ml quasi-drugs (placenta beauty white LaTeX placenta blot out freckles)

“Dr. Select Zennie placenta in whitening Milky lotion”, is compounded with placenta extract preciously derived LaTeX. As a quasi drug active ingredient in whitening and skin contain firmly.

Placenta extract’s whitening ingredient
Placenta extract is the elements as a quasi drug efficacy was confirmed. Placenta extract is effective whitening ingredients “suppresses the formation of melanin and prevents dark spots and freckles due to sunburn. “That has been confirmed.

Skin protection ingredients well with Prevents skin irritation cannot be listed in the cosmetic efficacy. Skin blotches are formulated as a prevention component is “keeping your skin healthy. “Ingredients are permitted.

Born at a beauty salon game series
Game series is a product which was developed upon request of the beauty salon. It is a medicinal cosmetics high efficacy DIPOTASSIUM glycyrrhizinate and placenta. Cleansing is a cosmetic product.

Want to Medicated whitening skin care

After bath, Take a big coin size of this apply all over the body and face.

[Active ingredient] glycyrrhizin dipotassium, placenta extract
Other component includes purified water, parabens, ethanol, concentrated glycerin, polyoxyethylene hardened castor oil, hydroxy-ethane order acid solution, sodium citrate, citric acid anhydrous, aloe extract, DL- alanine, DL- sodium pyrrolidone carboxylic acid solution, 1,3-butylene glycol

Country of origin: Japan
Category: pharmaceutical products (LaTeX)



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