Aurawhite Beauty Collagen Tripeptide Gold 900G




AURAWHITE BEAUTY COLLAGEN TRIPEPTIDE GOLD is a collagen drink with Tripeptide Gold for inner and outer beauty. It has a triple whitening effect, anti-aging and consist of natural ingredients, all clinically proven to promote skin fairness, elastic and radiance skin.


. Repairing skin structure

· Skin brighter, elastic, supple and moist

· Reduce fine lines and wrinkled

· Activates the synthesis of collagen in the body

· Skin problems such as acne, freckles, pigmentation and dark spots.

· Protect from UV rays, free radicals and pollution

· Beautification nails stronger and solve the problem of hair loss

· Increase production of breast milk

· Suitable for men and women aged 16 years and over

· Troubleshooting body pain

· Premium ingredients provide essential nutrients to the skin.

AURAWHITE BEAUTY COLLAGEN Ingredient: Aurawhite tech complex vitamins, Mixed berries (enriched with antioxidant), Tripeptide collagen, Astaxanthin, Olive oil, Grape seed extract, Rose hips How to use: Mix 2 scoops Aurawhite Tripeptide Gold into 120 ml of cold water into the shaker and shake ready to drink.

Take two times a day before breakfast and the night before bed.

For optimal effect, it is taken when the stomach is empty.

Made in Malaysia

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